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The WING collection, designed for an Italian luxury brand, is featured in the project for a show apartment at the Odeon Tower in Monaco.

"Sabrina Monte-Carlo designed a show apartment at Odeon Tower in Monaco with Luxury furnishing and decoration, bringing together the Fendi, Trussardi and Bentley brands. For this project, delivered mid-February 2017, the aim was to bring to life a finished but undeveloped apartment. A ‘tropical winter garden’ theme runs through the three stunning outdoor terraces, inviting to the summer and to relaxation in the sun."


Elite Africa Magazine 

"Odeon Tower, Monaco's newest luxury apartment block and home to the world's most expensive apartment, is now open and offering plenty of properties as luxurious as your superyacht. Of course, once you've found your perfect home you need to make sure it has a suitably elegant interior and Sabrina Monteleone of Sabrina Monte-Carlo— a design firm with a wealth of experience in superyacht and private jet interiors — is the ideal choice."


BOAT International Magazine

It promises future residents the "five-star experience" with a 24/7 concierge, an entertainment area (with private movie room and lounge ) and a "wellness centre", including a gym, sauna, private spas and a selection of pools.


The penthouse property is spread over five floors and will include, among other things, a kitchen on each floor (connected by an elevator), five bedrooms, a living room, dining room, private home-cinema, sauna and a water slide that will extend from a dance floor in the residence down to a private infinity pool. At 300 million euros ($400 million dollars), it will be the world's most expensive apartment." 


Luxury Travel Magazine

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