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Maviele Design create concepts inspired by stories. Under our main brand we create innovative and user-friendly products that communicate thoughtful stories and has a long-term positive and significant impact on societies and individuals. We cooperate in a network with professionals from different fields, this makes it possible for us to take on more challenging projects.

Using a storytelling approach allows us to design unique and exciting products for multiple industries. Whatever the assignment might be, together with our strong network, we will always provide you with a tailored solution and concept that successfully communicates “your story” and captures your brand’s essence.


Maviele Design Home Stories

We provide consultation and concepts in cooperation with design companies, brands, furniture producers, architects, construction firms or other corporates that operate within or in relation to the domestic environment.


The products under the brand "Home Stories" most often communicate a story inspired by things related to history, art, culture, nature, or human behavior. Our goal is to create unique, smart and user-friendly products for the home environment. We aim to capture the essence of your brand and story and communicate this through the design.


POLYDROP is a collection of hanging flowerpots and lamp designed in cooperation with Cult Design Sweden. The design is inspired by water drops.


CURBITZ is a decorative pattern designed for CULT Design Sweden and their cube series. Inspired by Swedish folk art "Kurbits" that is characterized by decorative fantasy plants such as petals, flowers, and leaves.

Under the brand "fashion stories" we provide consultations and designed concepts in cooperation with the high-end fashion industry.


Maybe you´re in need of a new refreshing concept for your product range or expand your brand into a new interior line?


No matter what your desires might be, we will make sure that the concept is tailored after your needs and requirements. The design will honor the legacy of your brand, its values, hence express and communicate its unique “story”.

Since 2015 we have been designing products for international and exclusive interior brands, one of them started as an Italian fashion brand in 1925. During a exclusive cooperation we got familiar with the brand Fendi Casa and Fendi Outdoor, its history, characteristics, and unique signature of the brand. Few people know that the logotype FF for FENDI was created by the fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld, who has also operated as the head creative director for the fashion house CHANEL for many years. During this cooperation our collection "wing" was created within two months, from sketch to finished prototype. It was the fastest production process and the first furniture line created by Maviele Design in cooperation with the Luxury industry.

Maviele Design Fashion Stories

Maviele Design is proud to announce that our design "WING" Collection, designed for an Italian luxury brand, has been selected for the Odeon Tower in Monaco.


The Wing collection, designed for an Italian luxury brand, is an interpretation of the pattern from water and waves. An outdoor furniture collection with vertical and horizontal lines in rope that because of the curved bows in the center can be interpreted as the shape of two wings.


The twist collection, designed for an Italian luxury brand, gives a feeling of early autumn. The twisted glass pieces is an interpretation of leaves rotating in the wind.

Maviel Design Music Stories

Our most controversial and innovative brand "Music Stories" creates products and interior concepts inspired by the music icons of our time.


The purpose of the brand is to make a statement and help artists keep their musical legacy alive.

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