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Maviele Design

Maviele Design is a multi-faceted design company that offers medium to large corporations unique product concepts that communicate thoughtful stories. In our design process we use storytelling as a methodology. Our mission is to tell a unique story about your brand through design.


We want to do more than design beautiful and functional products; our aim is to communicate stories, create extraordinary experiences as well as develop smart solutions for our future living. Inspired by the diversity of cultures, art, fashion, nature, and music we hope that our design can provide a deeper kind of value that extends far beyond pure aesthetics.


Maviele Design is divided into four brands and with three areas of expertise; "Home-", "Fashion-" and "Music stories". As an indicator of the brands name, our clients and partners often operate within these industries.


Design can make a difference and therefore we aim to create designs that have a long-term positive and significant impact on individuals and societies.



Odeon Tower Monaco

Maviele Design is proud to announce that our design "WING" Collection, designed for an Italian luxury brand, has been selected for the Odeon Tower in Monaco.

Great Odeon Tower Monaco
Wing collection for Fendi

The Wing collection, designed for an Italian luxury brand, is an interpretation of the pattern from water and waves. An outdoor furniture collection with vertical and horizontal lines in rope that because of the curved bows in the center can be interpreted as the shape of two wings.

WING collection
Twist collection

The twist collection, designed for an Italian luxury brand, gives a feeling of early autumn. The twisted glass pieces is an interpretation of leaves rotating in the wind.

TWIST collection
Curbitz Cult design Sweden

CURBITZ is a decorative pattern designed for CULT Design Sweden and their cube series. Inspired by Swedish folk art "Kurbits" that is characterized by decorative fantasy plants such as petals, flowers, and leaves.

CURBITZ for Cult design Sweden
Polydrop Cult design Sweden

POLYDROP is a collection of hanging flowerpots and lamp designed in cooperation with Cult Design Sweden. The design is inspired by water drops.

POLYDROP for Cult design Sweden


Maviele Design is divided into four brands and three areas of expertise; Home-, Fashion- and Music Stories. As an indicator of the brands name, our clients and partners often operate within these industries. The main brand “Inspired by Stories” distinguishes itself from the other brands as a multifaceted brand that enable cooperation's within different industries.


“Therése is a smart and committed young designer. We appreciated her vision and her outputs. We are willing to keep up with her and her amazing work.”

Daniele Vignatelli

International Finance and Control 

“Therése picks up concepts fast and has a clear and clean design style which she uses in creating prototype brand and service marketing. Her talent is understanding branding and brand guidelines. She has a keen talent for design, branding and marketing."

Anthony Leaton

Marketing Excellence

“It's been a big pleasure to work with Therese, really professional and creative designer. She has a very good skill and high team work attitude.”

Alessandra Battistini

Architetto, Interior Design 



Swedish born and multi-faceted designer that at an early stage in her career began to think international. Just after registered the design firm MAVIELE DESIGN in 2014, Therése Maviele got her first design contract within less than a year and began to work with international luxury brands in 2015.

She received her bachelor degree in design from Linnaeus university in Sweden 2013, possess two years of studies in Interior architecture from Florence and Istituto Europeo Di Design in Barcelona, as well as additional studies in business development and marketing.


She designs products and concepts inspired by stories and has an ability to adapt to different styles and brands that makes it possible to deliver results beyond the client’s expectations. With this ability and the experience of working with international exclusive brands, she has become a very appreciated designer.


Her designed products have been exhibited on design fairs nationally and internationally, been featured in international Design Magazines such as BOAT International, Elite Living Africa, Luxury Travel Magazine etc.



Therése Maviele
Luxury Living Group, Italy

Maviele Design was selected for an exclusive collaboration with the Italian company Luxury Living Group in 2015.


Luxury Living Group is unique by developing, producing and distributing furniture collection for some of the world ́s most celebrated brands as Fendi Casa, Bentley Home, Trussardi Casa, Bugatti Home, Heritage Collection, Ritz Paris Home Collection, Hevolution, LL Outdoor. 


Luxury Living Group is presented in 4 continents, with showrooms in Paris, London, Milano, Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Milano Marittima and Forlí. The group has bases in Palazzo Orsi Mangelli, a historic xVII Century building in the centre of Forlí, in Italy. 

Cult design Sweden

We have a close cooperation with Cult Design Sweden that specializing on handcrafted ceramic products mostly for bathroom and kitchen.


The company has an exclusive collaboration with the winner from the TV show, Swedish Master Chef. Their products from the "Kitchen Farming" concept has been highly appreciated and made Cult Design international recognized because of the smart design.


The products is a highly appreciated Swedish brand that has been featured in national television and design magazines. The design studio and showroom has always been situated in beautiful Gothenburg, Sweden.


Monaco Yacht Show
Maison & Objet Paris
Salone del Mobile Milano




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